Car towed in KC? Here’s how to find it

Kansas City officials are urging residents whose cars were towed Thursday to call ahead before going to the city tow lot to retrieve their vehicles.

“The extraordinary number of cars stranded would have impeded our ability to clear streets; therefore, we needed to tow the cars to clear the streets so we can continue to provide essential service to residents,” City Manager Troy Schulte said in a news release.

Not all cars were towed to the vehicle impound lot at 7750 E. Front St. Residents whose car may have been towed should call 816-513-0680 to determine whether the tow lot has their car. Some vehicles on highways were taken to a Missouri Department of Transportation’s site. People can call 816-607-2000 to check on that.

To claim a vehicle, an owner must have valid photo identification and verification of ownership of the vehicle.