CEO steps down at MRIGlobal

Michael F. Helmstetter has resigned as chief executive officer of MRIGlobal, and Thomas M. Sack has been appointed interim president and CEO.

Helmstetter had been president and CEO for three years and had been with the research organization for 14 years. He also resigned as a director.

Board chairman William A. Hall said Helmstetter had made a “lasting impact on the organization” and on the Kansas City area’s “growing life sciences community.”

Sack, who is MRIGlobal’s senior vice president and director of technical operations, has been with the organization for 27 years, joining it as an analytical chemist. He currently leads its research operations and directs more than 600 staff members.

The organization, a not-for-profit research entity, focuses on national security and defense, life sciences, energy, food and agriculture. It does projects for clients in government, industry and academia. Formerly known as Midwest Research Institute, it now operates in nine states and Washington, D.C., and manages 3,300 employees.

Hall said Sack would hold the interim job during a national executive search for a long-term replacement.

In a press release, Helmstetter said: “I am very proud of what MRIGlobal has achieved during my tenure as president and CEO, and I am confident the company is on a strong platform with its market leadership and brand presence to succeed.”