English village tops Kansas town in pancake race

An English runner won the annual Shrove Tuesday trans-Atlantic pancake race in record time, beating the winner of Liberal’s race by 8.3 seconds.

It was the second victory for 19-year-old Devon Byrne of Olney, England. She carried a pancake in a griddle over a 415-yard course in 56 seconds, beating the time of the Liberal winner, Caitlyn Demarest, six hours later.

Legend recounts that the race began in 1455 when an Olney housewife ran to Shrove Tuesday church services still carrying a pancake in a frying pan. Liberal made it a friendly international competition in 1950, marking the day before Ash Wednesday.

Byrne’s victory brings the totals to 36 victories for Liberal and 27 for Olney. The race in 1980 didn’t count because a media truck blocked the course in Olney.