Defense witness accused of lying in Jackson County murder trial

Jackson County prosecutors announced perjury charges Monday against a 26-year-old woman who testified at a murder trial last week.

Daquetta D. Davis, of Portageville, Mo., testified at the trial of Diamond Blair, saying she was with him at the time of the June 24, 2009, murder of Montague Kevin Ashline. She also swore that, other than a single Nov. 12, 2012, telephone call, she’d had no contact with Blair since his 2009 arrest.

A search of jail phone records allegedly found “numerous phone calls” originating from Blair’s inmate ID number to Davis’ cell phone. Other inmate ID numbers also had called Davis’ number, according to court records.

Police questioned Davis on Thursday, the day after her testimony, and she admitted that her alibi testimony was false, a court affidavit alleged.

“She stated she lied while on the stand,” a police detective alleged. “She stated she did not even see Blair in 2009.”

She also purportedly admitted that she had been in regular phone contact with Blair since he was jailed in 2009. She allegedly told officers that Blair asked her in January to testify on his behalf.

“She stated he told her that the only way he was getting out of jail was if he had a concrete alibi,” the officer alleged.

Because of Davis’ two prior felonies, prosecutors charged her as a “prior and persistent offender,” which exposes her to maximum sentences of 15 years in prison for each of the perjury counts, should she be convicted.

A jury convicted Blair late Friday on charges of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and armed criminal action.