DNA leads to home invasion charges

A Raymore man who defended his home and family against intruders by stabbing one of them in the back unwittingly procured the evidence that led to charges Friday against four people.

It was DNA from the bloody knife that led investigators to a man who, according to court documents, confessed and gave up his accomplices.

Laurent C. McCambry, 31, of Kansas City, was charged in Cass County Circuit Court with six felonies, including robbery, burglary, armed criminal action and kidnapping. Also charged on identical counts were Jermaine D. Williams, 30; Laquisha S. Fears, 21; and Pierre M. Ward, 23.

Police said McCambry and Williams entered the open garage of a house on Cedar Ridge Drive about 5:15 p.m. on May 29 and went into the kitchen while a man and a woman were watching television in the living room. The intruders each had a handgun and demanded to know where a safe and jewelry were.

When the robbers ordered the couple to go downstairs, the man was sure they would be murdered. He turned and punched one intruder in the face. A struggle ensued, and the homeowner was able to grab a knife from the kitchen.

One intruder told the other one to shoot the man, who managed to stab one of them in the back. The robbers dropped the plastic trash bag in which they had stuffed their loot and fled.

All the while, the homeowner’s grandson was hiding in a closet downstairs.

The homeowner got the license plate of the getaway car, which turned out to have been stolen. But court documents said blood on the tip of the knife blade, found by police underneath a recliner, was a direct hit for McCambry, who had a prior conviction in Kansas.

After McCambry’s confession, court documents said, Williams confessed to being the second intruder and told police that Ward had planned the crime and that all four defendants planned to split the proceeds from the robbery.

Cass County Prosecutor Teresa Hensley praised the investigators as well as the man who fought back.

“The homeowner was very brave in protecting his family,” Hensley said in a statement announcing the charges. “I am relieved that this family got through this incident without serious injury.”