Man accused of murder withdrew money from slain doctor’s account

The man accused of killing a South Carolina pediatrician in Overland Park last September allegedly withdrew more than $10,000 from her bank account after death.

That was part of the testimony during a preliminary hearing Tuesday for John Meredith Hodges, who is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Franchesca Brown.

The Johnson County District Court hearing started Monday and is scheduled to conclude Wednesday.

Brown, 39, was in Overland Park for work. Hodges, 45, joined her on the trip, according to previous testimony.

After she failed to return home as scheduled, her family reported her missing.

Her body was discovered several days later in a patch of woods near the College Boulevard hotel where she had been staying.

Brown’s hands and feet were bound with zip ties and her body was wrapped in multiple layers of plastic bags, duct tape and a tarp, according to testimony Tuesday.

The cause of death was probable strangulation or suffocation, according to autopsy results.

According to testimony Monday, Hodges was arrested in South America.

A laptop computer he had with him had been used to search for information about strangulation and suffocation and how to wrap a body, a computer expert testified.

After the hearing is completed, District Judge James Franklin Davis will determine if the evidence is sufficient to take the case to trial.