Shawnee 12-year-old says men chased her on way to school

Shawnee police said today they are investigating the possible attempted abduction of a 12-year-old girl who was on her way to school.

The girl told police she was headed to a bus stop about 7:50 a.m. Friday when three men tried to abduct her in the 14400 block of West 67th Street.

The girl, who didn’t report the incident to her mother until she got home Friday afternoon, said she was waking east on 67th Street when she saw two men walking the opposite direction across the street.

One of the men yelled to her asking if she would like to come to his house, the girl told police.

She said no and tried to run away. The men crossed the street and chased her.

The girl said a gold sedan with front-end damage to the right quarter panel then pulled into a driveway, blocking her path. The male driver also asked if the girl wanted to go with them.

The girl ran across the street, through some backyards to escape. When she looked back, she told police that the two men who were chasing her got into the car. The car left heading west on 67th Street.

The girl then continued to her bus stop and on to school.

A complete description of the men was not available.