Store pulls Andy Reid T-shirt after cartoonist’s complaint

After further review, yank that Andy Reid T-shirt off the rack.

That’s what Hal Wagner, the owner of an Oak Park Mall store, did Sunday after deciding the drawing of the Chiefs’ new coach on a shirt he was selling looked a lot like a work by an award-winning Philadelphia Inquirer cartoonist.

Wagner and the cartoonist, Rob Tornoe, talked by phone after Tornoe learned about the T-shirts, which show Reid wearing a Chiefs cap and holding a football in his right hand. Tornoe had made a drawing a few weeks back for his newspaper showing then-Eagles coach Reid in the same pose, though wearing an Eagles cap, with the caption, “That’s all Folks!”

Tornoe drew the cartoon after the Eagles lost their ninth game. Team owner Jeffrey Laurie had said before the season that the Eagles must finish with a winning record.

Tornoe told The Star on Sunday that a friend sent him a photo of the T-shirt that ended up in Wagner’s store. Tornoe said he knew immediately it was his drawing. So he took to Twitter on Saturday to ask for help tracking down the seller.

Wagner told The Star that someone came into Ace Sports and Nationwide Tickets at Oak Park Mall on Friday peddling the shirts, which proclaim: “Reid to Lead Our Team All the Way!” Wagner said he assumed the artwork was original until he spoke with Tornoe.

“Then we pulled the shirts off the rack,” Wagner said, adding that Tornoe would be compensated.

A store employee didn’t know how many of the $20 shirts had been sold.

Tornoe does not think the shirts were in any other stores.