One man charged in nine robberies

For a man who didn’t want to go back to prison, Llewellyn Richard spent the holiday season working overtime to get himself back there, federal prosecutors allege.

From Dec. 21 to Dec. 30, prosecutors allege that Richard robbed or tried to rob eight businesses in Kansas City, Kan., including two on Christmas Day, and one in Roeland Park.

A 10th robbery of a business in Fairway on Dec. 30 is described in court documents, but no charge was filed in connection with it.

Richard, 44, was arrested Tuesday after crashing his pickup truck while attempting to flee from Kansas City, Kan., police.

Investigators were searching for the robbery suspect’s red pickup truck after it had been observed on video surveillance tapes from several locations, including the Fairway robbery. Detectives became aware of Richard’s identity and linked him to a red pickup on Dec. 30 when he was reported missing.

Detectives then included his picture in a photo lineup and showed it to various victims who identified him as the robber, according to court documents.

While being interviewed by detectives after his arrest, Richard indicated he would cooperate and wanted to make a deal, according to an FBI affidavit filed in federal court to support the criminal charges.

“However, Richard would not provide information unless he was guaranteed not going back to prison,” according to the affidavit.

He also made the statement, “I didn’t even have a gun,” according to the court documents, which didn’t indicate authorities made a deal.

No one was injured in the string of robberies.

According to Clay County Circuit Court records, Richard was sentenced in 1997 to 20 years in prison on a 1994 robbery.

Records indicate that he was paroled to Wyandotte County last August.

The new charges filed each carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison without parole.

The robbery charges in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., list the following businesses and dates: Boost Mobile, 3726 State Ave., Dec. 21; Dollar General, 2272 Quindaro Blvd., Dec. 24; Family Dollar, 1251 Central Ave., Dec. 25; Quick Service gas station, 7959 State Ave., Dec. 25; Boost Mobile, 7640 State Ave., Dec. 26; Cricket store, 4635 Shawnee Drive, Dec. 27; Sally’s Beauty Supply, 5020 Roe Blvd., Dec. 28; Dollar General, 2801 S. 47th St., Dec. 29; and Family Dollar, 3129 State Ave., Dec. 30.

All of the addresses are in Kansas City, Kan., except the beauty supply business in Roeland Park.