Harvesters dedications: In memory

In memory of: Honoree (Donor Name)


Nicholas Anthan (George and Ann Anthan)

Julie Neubecker Anthony (Your parents)


Sally Barker (Tammie and Jesse Barker)

Richard Beech (Nancy Baker)

Cleo and Irene Beery (Patricia Cooper)

Laura Beller (Carolyn Beller)

Virginia Bennett (Vicki Brandon)

George P. Berberick (Mary Jane Van de Castle)

Bill Beyer (Theresa O’Connell)

Cathy Bindseil (Steve Bindseil)

Betty Jean Bingham (James Bingham)

Gina Bleggi (Aunt Vicki Hanley)

Janice Block (Block Family)

In Loving Memory of My Parents (Dr. Kenneth A. Buchwach)

Jim Budke (Mary Budke)


Atta Carlson (Denise Talley)

Wanda Castor (Vicki Cole)

Our daughter, Sabrina Nicole Campbell (Kevin and Petra Campbell)

Jason Cayer (A lotus to you. Love, Mom)

The Children and Family in our community who can’t be with us this holiday season (The Dale’s, The Treadwell’s, and The Dickerson’s)

Children of the Connecticut School Shooting (Brian and Michelle Smith and family)

Addison Paige Clabaugh (John and Sandy Clabaugh)

Allen Coleman (Mary Coleman)

Boyd and Christine Collard and Lynda Byrd (Shelley Melewski)

Harold P. Connell and Cliff and Thelma Armstrong (Richard L. Armstrong Family)

Keith Clark (Patricia Clark)

Katie Corcoran (The Croughan Family)

Edward A. Cowell (Candice Stice)

My Dear Mother, Virginia (Liz Craig)

Allan R. Crum (Marylou Crum)

Michael Hyde Curry (John and Gerry Curry)


Thomas Emery Daily (Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Daily)

Lois Dauck and Charles & Billie Seifert (Dr. and Mrs. William K. Seifert)

Mike DeCann (Jackie DeCann)

Elizabeth Delon — my mother (Laura Stephens)

Mrs. Arthur J. (Glenda) Doyle (Conaught M. Loveless)

Michael Anthony Doyle (Mom and Dad, James and Terri Doyle)


James N. Eagle, Jr. (Louise Miles)

Larry Edwards (Kim Shopper)

Father Eldringhoff (Connie Russell and family)

John and Josephine Engrasciotta (Elizabeth Baker)


Joe Fah (Jane Wehr)

Jacob Farney (Ben and Etta Farney)

Harriet Feder (Her Family and Friends)

Inez Franklin (Bev Poppenhagen)


Maria R. Galate (Judy Galate-Swartzbaugh)

John and Bertha Gerling (Carol Jones)

Grandma and Great-Grandma Jane Gile (Her Grandchildren and her Great-Grandchildren)

Leo Gllick, Jr. (Carolyn Waldeck)

James F. Gosoroski (David Gosoroski)

Ruth and Elwyn Griffith and Daryl Rohrer (Debra Rohrer Griffith)


John Hales, Jr. (Yvonne Hales)

Virginia Hall (Mary Hall-Klotz)

Grandma Evelyn Hagan (The Hagan Family)

Bret Hammig (Jack and Jen Hammig)

Vernice Haug and Louis E. Swyden, Sr. (Connie and Larry Haug)

Nicholas Helling (Linda Helling)

Bill and Lee Henderson (Linda Hennessy)

Autumn Hernandez (Diana Hernandez)

Johan (2003-2009) and Joseph (2000-2009) Hickernell (John and Mary Hickernell)

Phyllis Hines and Heather Leonardi (Robert Franks)

Dr. and Mrs. Sam D. Hoeper, Sr. (Patricia Reid)

Nancy Honaker (Amy Bartlow, Don Honaker, Lori Honaker, and Pam Jones)


Violetta W. Jackson (Mary Stuart)

Howard Jansen, Sr. (Linda Jansen)


Audentia Kavanaugh (Fannie Smith)

Donna Kester and Madeline Chapman (Lee Kester)

Helen Kingsley (Mary Kingsley)

Alvina Klose (David Klose)

Anne Knaack (Linda Flynn)

Gerald and Alvena Knabe (Mary Buller)

Donald Koncak (Helen Koncak and Family)

Jill Kralicek (Bob and Ann Kralicek)

Harvey and Gloria Kralicek (Bob and Ann Kralicek)


Esther Pauline Little (The Richardsons)

Mattie Belle Loveless (Stephen Loveless)

Christopher Lutz (Eleanor and Ron Basgall)


Bette Jane Mahaffie (H. Lewis Rigdon)

Carrol Matthews (Sandra Matthews)

Ray Maring (Anonymous)

Hugh and Frances McCullough (Ron McAdams)

Keith McFadden (Buddy and Debbie McFadden)

James J. Melching (Ruth Myers-Melching)

Daniel Meyer and Lesa Murphy (Ken and Phyllis Meyer)

Dr. Armando Moreano (Elena Fallon)

Andy Morrill (The Morrill and Stark Families)

Henry Ray Morrison (Bob and Lea Morrison)

Henry Ray Morrison, DDS — my father (Robert R. Morrison, MD)

Mom, Dad, and Scott (Janet Weiblen)

Mother (Pyare and Priti Mohan)


Lochran C. Nixon, Jr.; Paul L. Heineman; Ada Kate Morgan (Gloria Nixon)

Barbara Neufeld (Tim and Terri Neufeld)


Marilyn Jane O’Connell (The Bell Family)

Marilyn O’Connell (John O’Connell)

Don Ousdahl (Ron and Karen Clond)


Tori Jade Peavler (The Bell Family)

Donna Rae Perkins (Susan Probst)

Ed and Jo Perkins (Karen Gates)

Jim Peters (Darold Wulfekoetter)

Donald V. Pierce, Sr.; Donald V. Pierce, Jr.; Denna Flamm (Bill and Joan Flamm)

Barbara Pitt (Sheila Pitt)

Nancy Porto (Mary Brady)


Justin E. Ramirez (Billie Ramirez)

Ana Rechtein (Terri Clark)

Dale Redel (Daryl Redel)

Danny and Marylin Rios (Dan Rios)

Joye Ross and Shirley Vine (Adele Vine)

Ruth Ruhl (Martha Vyhanek)


Johnathan Robert Sanchez 1991-2003 (Anonymous)

Barbara Anne Sandusky (Jimmy Doyle)

The Kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School (Casey Main, age 12; Jackson Main, age 11; Sawyer Waterman, age 11; Max Waterman, age 5)

Sandy Hook Victims (Taylor Pruitt)

Sandy Hook Fallen (Charles Little)

26 Dead at Sandy Hook School (Anonymous)

The Children of Sandy Hook Elementary School (The Bridge Club)

Hal Savage (Robert Inich)

April Schanz (Her Sisters)

Anne Schwemberger (Ted Edwards, Joan, and Susan)

Dan Searls (Joy Searls and the Searls Family)

Velva Seifert (Paula Fields)

Ida Siegel, mother of Marcia Herman (Susan Young)

Warren Siegel (Louise Siegel)

Helen Snodgrass (Steve, Jennifer, Anna, and Leah Johnson)

Rod Steiner (Patti and Phil Oliver)

Bill Strange (Stacey Strange and Kelsey Jury)

Shirley (Davis-Hanks) Sullivan (Perry and Ernestine Doyle)


Marion “Mama” Thibodo (Vicki Thibodo Hackett)

Richard Thorn (Lisa Vinzant)

Natalie Anna Thowe (The Mojica Family)

Mary Ruth Toalson (Kelly Mills)

Pam Triplett (Catherine B. Morris)

Craig Turner (Connie Beachler)


Ken Van Booven (Steve and Irmi Otto)

Stephen Todd Ventimiglia (Stephen Ventimiglia)

Bret Volker (Miller Plumbing Company, Inc.)


Carolyn J. Warren (Marty Warren)

John P. Webb, Sam D. Hoeper, and Loriene Hoeper (Sam Hoeper Jr. Family)

Ethel Williams (David and Rachel Williams)

Ron Woody (Shirley A. Woody)

Lola Wurth (Paul S. Wurth)

David Paul Wyant (Adam and Kira Holm)


David H. Young, Sr. (Barbara Young)

Mary Lou Young (Sonja Young)