Harvesters dedications: In honor

In honor of: Honoree (Donor Name)


Abby, Eliza, and Ella (Mimi and Pops)

Mel and Gloria Achterberg (Kathy and Frank Taylor)

Vincent and Elizabeth Amiri (Diane Igoe)

Sam Anderson, Andie Divelbiss, and Benjamin Divelbiss (Wylie and Rosemary Anderson)

Alison Appel and Jonathan Cosin, Andrew Appel and Clara Keller, Mary and Frank Hendricks, Suzanne and Bill Raney, Allen and Amy King (Deedee King)

Will Arbuckle and Jessica and Adam Sheehan (David A. Tanquary)

Margaret Jane Arnett (Deb Arnett)

Kyan and Madison Arrandale (Jennifer Derbish and John Arrandale)

My grandchildren (Jennifer Ashby)

Mary and Al Atterbury, Leslie and Jim Whitaker, Ginny and Scott Beall, Martye and Howard Burnard, Ann and John Readey, Lee and Mike Hall, Linda and Bob

Jackson, Linda and John Cozud, Ann Dickerson (Jill and Tom Turner, The Turner Family Foundation)

Stella Austin (Dale Austin)


Kaitlyn and Laren Bailey, Kara and Kelcie Normand, Olivia Irvine, Olivia, Jonah, and Keeley Gralapp, Katelyn and Reilly Bingesser, and the Children at

Cherokee Christian Church (Sally Roberts)

Harold and Margaret Bastin (Jay and Cara Terrell)

Bill Beeson (Bill and Elaine Blaise)

Joshua Bennett (Dale Austin)

The Besler Family (Diane Besler)

George and Marianne Blackmar (Karen Blackmar)

Macie and Lincoln (Papa Bob and Nana Mary Boerigter)

Jack Booth (Jane Booth)

Our Family and Friends (David and Sondra Branham)

Brian, Melissa, Joe, Kelly, Landen and Emelyn (Rick and Robin Bartlett)

Colton Bunting and Brother (The King Family)

Kailynn, Collin, and Madalyn Byrne (Noel and Carolyn Fulkerson)


Dorothy L. Campbell (The Campbell Family)

Cathy and Pat (Norene and Paul)

Celgene KC Regulatory friends and colleagues: Ann, Jan, Joy, Kathy, Kristi, Mary, Paul, Penny Sandre and Susan (Deborah Tady)

Celgene KC Regulatory friends and colleagues: Renu, Chris, Donna, Guillaume, James, Joy, Patricia, and Trushna (Deborah Tady)

The Physicians & Surgeons in the Children's Mercy Orthopaedic Division (Dr. Dale Jarka)

Myrna Corpeny (Mercer)

Mary and Vincent Cottitta (Mary Gunter)


Mary and John Deer of Ankeny, IA (The Battershell Family)

Jan and Jim DeMars (Jill DeMars)

Dr. and Mrs. Raghuveer Dendi (Loren and Merilyn Berebom)

Robert and Sandra Dennis (Eric and Lindsay Dennis)

Isobel Dorothy, Colin Dorothy, and Lea Huntington (Dr. Michael and Anne Sheehan)

Anne and Dick Dreher (The Tamblyns)

Robert and Freda Durbin (Janet Luppino)


Dr. and Mrs. Marty Emert (Loren and Merilyn Berebom)


David Faler (Mary Faler)

Lyle and Ruth Feld (Kathleen Feld)

Ernestine Foreman (Shawn Foreman)

Matt and Shannon Fowler and Elizabeth, Mike, and Will Terry (Diane and Bob Fowler)

Chester P. Francis (Bruce and Barbara Salvaggio)

Allie and Matt Frankland, Rachael and Ian Frankland, Cassi, Michael, Forrest, and Alex Lester (Don Frankland and Ann Wedaman)

Our Loving Family (Barbara and Jerry Freidberg)


Serenity, Connor, and Leah Geary (Nana and Papa)

Martha Gershun (Mary McClure)

Celeste and Tony Gogel (Blair and Matt Gogel)

Spencer Gower and Kristen Smith (Jack and Kathy Rife)

Rita Grant (Cynthia Grant)

Raven Rose Greene and Danielle Lee Scott (Fern Absher)

George Riley Gunter and Darby Rose Gunter (Mary Gunter)


Susie Haake’s Wonderful Nieces and Nephews (Susie Haake)

Dot and Al Hager (Elaine, Jim, Nikki, and Jenna)

Edith Hanke (Marque Hanke)

Todd, Trey, and Jennie Hanna (Janet and Forest Hanna)

Brian, Brad, and Mike Harrison (Anne Harrison)

Matt, Stephanie, Samuel and Kate Hashagen (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Heili Family Christmas (Cathy Heili Sittenauer)

Lucia Herrera and Isabel Herrera (William and Jean Burlingame)

Paul Herzmark of Oakland, CA (Ann Norbury of Shawnee, KS)

Kendall and Ethan Hiedeman (Scott Hiedeman)

Jerry Hirt (Laura Kenny)

My Wife and Best Friend, Leslie Huffhines (Mark Huffhines)

Father Francis Hund, Father Al Rockhers, Msgr. Gary Applegate (Joann Mcnamara)


Preston and Jackson Igoe (Diane Igoe)


The Chris Jayaram Family (Dr. M.R. and Kay Jayaram)

Topper, Linda, Johnny, Jason, Heather, Thatcher, and Landrum Johntz and Katie Swink (Linda Johntz)

Judy, Nancy, and Paula; Ken and Gwen (Jayne Nash)


Kara Gene, Adelyn, and Mason Karst (Justin and Beth Alexander)

Barbara Kaufman (The Westover Bunch)

Gail Kellam (Sarah M. Kellam)

Laura Kenny (Jerry Hirt)

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Kephart (Mr. and Mrs. John Ready)

Our Children and Grandchildren (Betty and Rick Klein)

Jean Klocek & Betty Jo Forbis (Tom Klocek)

Kristin (Walstrom) Korneliussen (Sandy Walstrom)


Dr. and Mrs. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy (Loren and Merilyn Berebom)

The Lankford Family (Your children)

Matthew and Tabetha Lavery, Aidan, Colin and Madison Lavery, Dylan Hackworth, Cameron and Kerrigan Smith (Paul and Rosalie Lavery)

The Staff and Worship Arts Ministries of Leawood United Methodist Church (Melanie Melcher Cuthbertson)

Robert and Arlene Leslie (Mike and Kelli Carlson)

Kim and Jim Lewis (Barton Reese)

Carl and Mary Lickteig (Glenn Lickteig)

The Kevin Lindsey Family (Cathleen Miller)

Lizzy, Reser, Timothy, and Jeffrey (Jean Hall)

Gary Loar (Joyce White)

David and Katie Logan (Sandra K. Beaty)

James Long (Edward and Donna Long)

Kathy Long (Janice Wollard)

Frances Lynn (William Lynn)


Drew, Angela, Avery and Aleah Mathews (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

The Martin Family (Mike and Martha Cox)

Mary Lou and Therese (Betty Muder)

Ruth McKenzie (Dr. Pam Johnson)

Mike and Susie McMillin (Cara and Chris McMillin)

The Robert L. Merrill Family (William T. Miller)

Anita, Arjun, and Simran Mohan (Pyare and Priti Mohan)

Mom and Dad (Joshua and Rachel Grable)

Frances Moran (Nevin Voth)

The Clark Morris Family (Susan Tideman and Family)

Ray and Sue Mortiz (Marc Pedrotti)

Cole, Caralyn, and Adara Mowry (Papa and Grandma Mowry)


Kristi and Chris Noack (Thomas and Jo-Ann Caporizzo)


Ed O’Neill (Terese O’Neill)

Culum and Rory Osborne (Deborah Osborne and Michael Montgomery)

Rita Ousdahl (Ron and Karen Clond)


Our Parents (Ron and Marty Hill, Amy Adkison)

Park Hill High School Accelerated Trigonometry Classes (Mr. Robert Franks)

Richard and Maureen Pedrotti (Marc Pedrotti)

Ellie Peister, Jordan and Sierra Manning, Amy, Seth, and Ryan Peister (Beverly Peister)

Joy and Jim Perry (The Sharkeys)

Paul and Lavonna Peterson, Kristin Peterson, and Nick and MeLinda Garcia (Ryan Bailey)

Dr. Rhea Pimentel & Dr. Colin MacKenzie (Loren and Merilyn Berebom)

Kate, Mike, and Matt Pope (Teri Pope)

Deborah Potthoff (David and Cindy Zwick)

Members of Preceptor Delta Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi (Ruth Misiewicz)


Reece and Nichols Realtors Southgate Office (Anonymous)

Read and Feed Book Club (Barbara DeArmond)

Pam Richardson (Claudia J. Mitchell)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rider and Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Jury (Janet and Tim Jury)

Albert Riederer (Your Office Colleagues in Suite 2800)

Kesterl Ridge (Anonymous)

Rachel, Lauren and Reagan Roberts and Hannah and Jack Bettis (Grandad and Nana)

Jayden Robison and Emerson, Grayson, and Jackson Drees (Grandma Sally Robison)

Marlene Rodman (Carol George)

Kyle and Corinne Rogers (Chris Rogers)

My children Megan, Nathan and Kaitlyn (Brenda Rongish)

Marian Rosecrans, Janet and Jerrod Garcia (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

In Honor of All Our Grandchildren (Carol and Ray Rubsam)


Our Sagamore Neighbors and Friends (The Francis Family)

Samantha, Alexandria, Jonathan, Zachary, and Theo (Sara Trower)

Dan Searls (The Searls Family)

Shawnee Mission West Teachers: Doug Miles, Scott Dory, Connie Johnson, Michael Reiff, Bruce Adams, Kris Scheuerman, Laura VanLeewen (Katherine Riedel)

Mamey and John Sherman (Sharon, Joe Smith and family)

Regan L. Siegel and Moe Cougher (Ellen Taylor)

Marty and Sue Skorstad (Katie Naidu)

Jill Smith (Kathleen Howard)

Smith Suiter (Michael VanHooser)


Claire Tamblyn (The Tamblyns)

George Terbovich and Richard Hollander (Carolyn Arnold)

Trey, Kaylynn, Ty, and Kylee (Paul and Susan Akin)

Duane Trower (Lil Trower)

Edna Madera Trower (Lil Trower)


To those who work tirelessly to feed KC’s hungry children (UMKC Administrative Center Staff)

Marie Urness and Jake Urness (Michele Urness)


Larry and Clara VanDraska (Sandra K. Beaty)

Rose van Unwerth (Rick and Jan Gulley)

The Bradley Vince Family (Dr. Ronald and Linda Johnson)

Tai and Krystal Vokins and Jim and Laura Baer (Michael Feldhausen)


Washington Elementary, Olathe KS (Dennis and Barbara Chiles)

Edward and Jean Waterman (Alan Waterman)

The Watson Family—Mark, Leslie, Max, Annie, Haddie, Sam, and Angel (Marla Watson)

Webster University Staff, Faculty, and Students (Carolyn J. Cottrell, Ph.D.)

Joyce Weiblen and Claire Luna (Janet Weiblen)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welling (Pat Cook and Christi Riddle)

Clyde and Katie Wendel (Carrie Hayes)

Marian Wilbur (Raymond Wilbur)

Robert (Rocky) L. Williams (Janice L. Smith)

The Wright Family, Wichita KS; The Morgan Family, Topeka KS; The Daas Family, Wichita KS; The Rison Family, Wilder KY (Angie Leondedis)

David and Shirley Wurth (The Haverty Family)


Michael Zeller (Colleen Boeding)