Shawnee mayor fines himself in parking incident

Parking in a handicapped parking spot is illegal for anyone who isn’t disabled — even a mayor in a hurry.

Mayor Jeff Meyers of Shawnee was late to a council meeting Tuesday night, so he grabbed the closest spot to City Hall he could find quickly, except that it was handicapped parking.

One of his adversaries, former councilman Kevin Straub, pulled in after the mayor and took a photo of the parked vehicle, which is now floating on the Web. Straub also told Police Chief Larry Larimore about it.

On Wednesday, police wrote Meyers a warning ticket. By Thursday, Meyers decided to donate $135 to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund. The money, which will go the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, is equivalent to the cost of a citation.

“The disabled spots were the only ones available and I made the decision that I would park there and accept whatever consequences occurred in order to get the meeting started,” Meyers said in a statement. “In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best decision. It won’t happen again.”