Three KC officers injured while trying to arrest man

Jackson County prosecutors on Thursday accused a man of fighting with Kansas City police, leaving one officer with a broken ankle, another with a broken wrist and a third with a torn calf muscle.

Michael D. Wilson, 24, also allegedly punched a fourth officer in the face, according to court records. Prosecutors charged Wilson, of Kansas City, with resisting arrest and three counts of assault.

A resident of the apartments in the 11400 block of Holmes Road called police about 6:50 p.m. Wednesday to report a suspicious man sitting on an air conditioner unit outside his apartment. When officers arrived, the man fled. Court records gave this account:

The first officer tried to stop the suspect but the man swung at the officer. When the officer avoided the punch, he tripped on a curb and heard his ankle snap. It broke in three places.

A second and third officer each tried to use their stun guns on the man, but the guns were ineffective. One of those officers suffered the calf muscle tear and the other officer rolled down an embankment while struggling with the suspect. The officer then felt pain and realized his wrist was broken.

A fourth officer, who was working off-duty at the complex, tried to stop the suspect and the suspect punched him in the face. That officer was able to handcuff the suspect with help from two witnesses, including one who saw the struggle and stopped his car.

Wilson told police he was high on drugs, according to court records.