Shawnee teenager is electrocuted while working on a computer

A Shawnee teenager was fatally shocked recently while working on a computer that was unplugged.

The boy died at his home in August while parting out the machine. He had gotten into the power supply and was electrocuted, according to Capt. Dan Tennis, a spokesman for the Shawnee police.

Some electrical components continue to hold a charge even when they are unplugged or broken, Tennis said.

Police were not releasing the teen’s name or age at the request of the family.

Paul Frein of Geek Werkz in Grandview said that any power supply is dangerous and that it carries warnings that only qualified personnel should service them.

A power supply — which converts electrical power from an outlet to direct current to run the computer or other electronics — can still hold an electrical charge for a while even if the computer is unplugged.

“We replace power supplies and don’t repair them for just that reason,” Frein said.