Gunmen rob fishermen at pond in KC’s Northeast area

Gunmen robbed two fishermen and shot one in the head about 9 a.m. Thursday at a pond in Kansas City’s Northeast area.

The injured fisherman suffered a graze wound to the top of his head, police said.

The victims were fishing separately at a pond near Cliff Drive and Chestnut Avenue and did not know each other, police said. Three men approached the first fisherman, pointed a gun and demanded his keys, wallet and cellphone.

One robber stayed with that fisherman while the others approached the second fisherman, who was standing about 100 yards away.

The robbers pointed guns and took his cellphone and wallet, but he refused to hand over the keys to his vehicle. He fought with the two gunmen about five minutes, police said. The gunmen pistol-whipped him before one robber fired the shot that struck the victim’s head.

The robbers fled in the first victim’s black 1998 Ford Expedition and the vehicle in which they arrived.

The victims got into the second victim’s vehicle and drove to a nearby apartment to call police.

Police later found the Expedition abandoned nearby.

Investigators said the second victim was an older man who had been in the military and had fought in a war for another country. Thursday was his birthday.

“He’s been shot at before,” said Detective Cristin Stammler. “He’s seen his fair share of things, so he wasn’t afraid to fight with these guys.”