Driver narrowly avoids bullets after honking at another driver in KC

Jackson County prosecutors on Tuesday charged a driver who allegedly shot at another driver who honked at him.

The incident began at 10:10 p.m. Monday on the exit ramp from Missouri 9 at East Third Street. The 34-year-old victim said the suspect stopped at the bottom of the ramp in front of him, blocking the street, and didn’t move. So the victim honked.

Court records gave this account: The suspect appeared to be arguing with his passenger, because the passenger was raising her hands in the air. The suspect stepped out of his vehicle and approached the victim’s vehicle. The victim put his car in reverse and tried to drive around the suspect, but the suspect stood in the way. The victim tried to lock his door, but the suspect opened it and punched the victim.

The victim grabbed the door and tried to shut it. They struggled, and the door handle broke off in the victim’s hand. He used it to try to hit the suspect, who then let go of the door, returned to his vehicle and drove away. The victim followed him for two blocks to Fifth and Locust streets to write down his license plate number.

As the victim jotted down the number, he looked up and saw the suspect standing in front of his vehicle with a gun. The suspect fired at least four shots, three of which penetrated the driver’s side of the windshield. The victim put his car into reverse and drove away while calling police. He was not hit by bullets, but he suffered minor injuries to his arm from glass that sprayed into him.

Police found the 26-year-old suspect in his vehicle at Fifth Street and Grand Boulevard.

Prosecutors charged Tad A. Hunter Jr. with unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action.