Former Raytown man still missing in Alaska

A former Raytown man who planned to make the Air Force his career remained missing in Alaska on Wednesday, as his mother arrived to meet with police.

Senior Airman Clinton Reeves, 24, last was seen leaving his duty station April 19, and the last time someone heard from him was three days later. Police found Reeves’ unlocked rental car in a residential area Friday. Inside, they found his Air Force uniforms and other personal items.

Reeves, who was stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, is a 2007 graduate of Raytown High School.

Anita Shell, a police spokeswoman, said Wednesday there was no new information about the disappearance. Reeves had rented the car because his had been in a collision, Shell said.

“The car does not look to be the scene of any crime so it very much a mystery right now about where he actually is or if he disappeared on his own or he was met with foul play,” she said.

It is unusual for Reeves not to have made contact with anyone for such a long period of time. He knew his mother was going to visit him in Alaska, Shell said.

His mother, Judy Davis, met with detectives Wednesday but they were unable to provide any new information.

“Right now, I don’t know anything,” said Davis, who now lives in Sacramento, Calif., but still owns a home in the Kansas City area and lived here with her son for 15 years.

She said Reeves joined the Air Force two years ago. He attended community college in Kansas City for about a year but decided he wanted to make serving in the military his career. Two years ago, the Air Force assigned him to the fueling squadron in Anchorage.

He recently earned the E-4 rank, Davis said.

“He was proud and I was proud of him,” she said.

In an email sent to the Star, Davis said her son was looking for a used car through Craigslist and Anchorage dealerships. He may have had $4,500 on him when he vanished, she said. She said she tried calling and texting him numerous times over the weekend to no avail and thought maybe he had lost his phone, which now is shut off, she said.

Davis said that she had planned to visit her son this week.

“It is tough but I am staying strong because I have to try and figure out what happened,” she said.