Prosecutors cite DNA in charging man in 1992 strangulation death

Jackson County prosecutors on Monday charged a 55-year-old man with the 1992 strangulation killing of a woman in midtown Kansas City.

Prosecutors allege that Juan C. Marin killed 26-year-old Tiffany Bloomquist in her apartment in the 900 block of East Armour Boulevard in May 1992. Testing of evidence left at the scene matched a sample of DNA from Marin, prosecutors allege in court documents.

News of the charge was a surprise to family members, who were unaware the cold case was being investigated until prosecutors contacted them Monday afternoon, said the victim’s stepmother, Patricia Bloomquist.

“Wow, I was really surprised when they called,” she said. “It was out of the blue. I’m still digesting it.”

Marin, whose address is listed as a downtown homeless shelter, is on probation for illegal drug possession and has a previous burglary conviction, according to Jackson County court records.

According to court documents, DNA testing of a pair of panties from the crime scene was done in 2005 and a match was made with Marin in 2008. When he was questioned at that time, he denied knowing Bloomquist or being inside an apartment in her building.

When asked to explain why DNA evidence linked him to the crime, Marin stated, “I didn’t do it. I didn’t even know that it had happened,” according to the court documents.

In October 2009, a witness, who told police he had been in Bloomquist’s apartment in May 1992 when two men had an altercation with her, identified a photograph of Marin as being one of the men, the court records allege.

Subsequent DNA testing linked Marin to evidence found on a blanket and sheet from the bedroom where Bloomquist was killed, as well as pantyhose found wrapped around her neck, according to the documents.

Detectives questioned Marin again Monday and he again said he had never had sex with her and didn’t remember ever being in her apartment. He said he didn’t know how his DNA evidence could have been found there.