Kansas City cuts three senior management positions

Three of Kansas City’s senior management positions have been eliminated in the city’s consolidation of departments.

City Manager Troy Schulte sent an email to City Council members confirming the cuts.

The position eliminations were anticipated as part of the new city budget, which was adopted in late March and which takes effect May 1.

Perhaps the most significant change is that, effective May 1, Assistant City Manager Bob Langenkamp will become director of the Planning and Development Department, replacing Tom Coyle.

In addition, effective May 1, Earnest Rouse, an assistant city manager, will assume responsibility for the General Services Department, replacing Gerald Smith.

Mary Miller, deputy director of information technology, will become chief information officer as IT becomes a division of General Services. This eliminates the position that had been held by Ivan Drinks, information technology director.

John Wood, assistant city manager for neighborhoods, will become director of the Neighborhoods and Housing Department. David Park will become deputy director in that department and will also lead the Neighborhood Preservation Division.

Deletta Dean will lead the Neighborhood Services Division, which will include animal control and regulated industries.

Stuart Bullington will lead the Housing Division in the department.

Schulte said the consolidations should save the city $1.2 million and reduce the number of departments from 18 to 15. Half the savings will come from the announced position eliminations. He said further changes are coming, but he hopes the rest of the savings won’t come from involuntary layoffs.