House explodes, catches fire in Liberty; no injuries

The Missouri fire marshal is assisting Liberty authorities with the investigation of a house destroyed this morning in an explosion and fire.

Little was left of the house in the 800 block of Marilynn Avenue. The explosion at 6:20 a.m. rocked the neighborhood, and vibrations from the blast could be felt miles away.

Firefighters brought the fire under control shortly after they arrived.

No injuries were reported. The house had been vacant for several months and was for sale.

Authorities were in the beginning stages of their investigation and had no further details to release, said Lt. Duane Davidson of the Liberty Fire Department.

Davidson said he lives on the other side of Liberty and felt the explosion.

Kim Carpenter, who lives next door with her mother, said the explosion rattled them from their sleep.

The blast blew out their windows, shattered exterior doors, knocked items off the walls and left cracks in the ceiling. Debris littered their roof.

“I thought lightning had hit the house, but it was way too loud for that,” Carpenter said. “It shook the whole house. I have never been through anything like it.”

Carpenter said she summoned her 74-year-old mother and went outside. Neighbors soon arrived to check on them. Several residents had already dialed 911.

Shortly after the explosion, Carpenter said, she looked outside and saw sparks and flames emerge from the debris.

“We didn’t have time to react; it was just ‘Get out,’ ” Carpenter said.

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