Google plays name game on KC for April Fool’s Day

Google said Sunday its interest in Kansas City is not in how the market feeds itself Internet, but in how it feeds itself.

Early Sunday morning, as April Fool’s Day kicked off, the search giant put up a post on its

Google Fiber Blog

saying that its work here wasn’t so much about fiberoptic cables for an ultra-fast Internet. Rather, it’s about a nutritional Google Fiber bar.

“Google’s Fiber is able to take cues from the intestinal tract and the body’s metabolism to determine what nutritional elements are missing and deliver the appropriate dose to the specific organ that needs it,” the company said. “We’re proud to announce that Google Fiber will first launch in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO!”

The post includes a short video talking about the promise of the food product and shows a picture of Unified Government Mayor Joe Reardon and Kansas City Mayor Sly James holding a Google Fiber bar and grinning for the camera.

Google announced last year that it had picked the Kansas City market for its “Google Fiber” project, widely assumed to be an ultra-fast Internet service delivered over fiber optic wires.

The company has a long tradition of attention-grabbing April 1 announcements, including saying it had developed “MentalPlex” technology that could improve search by scanning brainwaves, and soliciting applicants to work on the moon who didn’t need “a steady supply of oxygen.”

And after Topeka had briefly renamed itself Google as a stunt to attract Google’s super-speed Internet project to town, Google in 2010 used April 1 to declare it had changed its name to Topeka.

Neither Google Fiber bars nor Google Internet service are available yet anywhere in Kansas City.