Independence Center reopens as police investigate shooting

The Independence Center reopened at noon Sunday, with shoppers saying they would not allow a shooting there the previous day to keep them from living as usual.

The shooting in the mall Saturday afternoon left two people wounded.

Independence police were looking for two men they want to interview about the shooting but did not report any arrests on Sunday.

The gunfire, which police believe may have been sparked by a fight that broke out between four men, occurred shortly before 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The sound of gunfire sent customers and employees running and screaming through the shopping center at 39th Street and Missouri Highway 291.

The mall was evacuated and locked down after the shooting and did not reopen Saturday night.

Stacey Ramel and her 10-year-old daughter Zoey had been at the mall shopping earlier Saturday morning and returned that evening to find it closed.

They later heard about the shooting.

Shortly after noon Sunday the two returned to the mall to catch some sales and shop for perfume with Ramel’s mother, Quintah Mann.

“We are going to continue doing what we do,” Ramel said. “This kind of thing is possible anywhere these days.”

Skyanna Page read about the shooting on Facebook Saturday afternoon, but the thought of not coming to the mall today never crossed her mind.

“The Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale is starting,” she said. “Besides, this could happen everywhere and I can’t live my life in fear.”