Carbon monoxide in Lenexa home sends three to the hospital

A Lenexa family became ill Wednesday morning after their home filled with unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.

Lenexa Fire Capt. Eric McClure said the residents called the gas company to check on an unrelated odor at the home in the 8100 block of Woodstone Street. The residents suspected a problem because two people in the home had become especially sick and all three were nauseous.

The odor wasn’t from the carbon monoxide, which is odorless, but their instinct was right. The gas company arrived and alerted emergency responders about 5:30 a.m. after discovering carbon monoxide levels at 500 parts per million. The source appeared to be the furnace. McClure said the department monitors levels higher than 9 parts per million and considers 100 parts per million to be potentially lethal. Firefighters and ambulance crews responded to the home to help treat the occupants, who received oxygen before being transported to the hospital. All three were later released.

McClure said the call was a good reminder to homeowners to install at least one working carbon monoxide detector in their home. The detector should be upstairs or near a bedroom where it can be easily heard when someone is asleep.

He said that the Lenexa home was not equipped with a detector, but thankfully the homeowners woke up and recognized something was amiss.

“They were extremely lucky in that regard,” McClure said.