Kirkwood, Mo., man pleads guilty in sex torture case

A Kirkwood, Mo., real estate broker pleaded guilty Tuesday to sex trafficking for contributing to the alleged sexual enslavement of a young woman in a rural mobile home.

Bradley Cook, 33, whose online screen name was “PutHer2GoodUse,” agreed to accept a 20-year prison sentence in his plea agreement with prosecutors.

Cook and five others have been charged with allegedly holding a young woman as a sex slave near Lebanon, Mo., between 2002 and 2009 and subjecting her to horrific torture.

In his plea, Cook acknowledged watching another defendant, Edward Bagley, sexually abuse and torture the victim. He admitted later traveling to Lebanon to participate in the sexual abuse.

He also acknowledged advising Bagley on how to make money off the victim by selling images of her torture on a paid website.

The torture allegedly ranged from waterboarding and electric shock to piercing and mutilation.

Authorities have alleged that in December 2002 Bagley persuaded the victim, then a 16-year-old runaway who had grown up in foster care, to live in his rented trailer.

Just after the woman’s 18th birthday, Bagley allegedly had her sign a “sex slavery contract,” which he contended legally bound her to him forever. He also allegedly had her tattooed with a bar code on her neck, an “S” on her back and the Chinese symbol for slave on her ankle to mark her as his property.

In his plea agreement, Cook admitted seeing the victim being whipped, confined to a dog cage, tied up and shocked with electrical devices. He also acknowledged believing that Bagley’s purported abuse of the victim was the “most extreme he had ever seen.”

U.S. District Judge Dean Whipple accepted Cook’s guilty plea, but took the plea agreement under advisement until he’s had the opportunity to review Cook’s pre-sentence report and determine whether he is comfortable with a 20-year sentence.

Cook also reserved the right to appeal his conviction on the grounds that the federal sex trafficking law is unconstitutionally vague.