The Watchdog | Rough railroad crossing is slated for work

The problem

Olathe and Peru ... in the same sentence?

Yes, if Paul Hirth is the writer and he’s talking about where Santa Fe Street crosses the BNSF tracks west of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe.

“The only rougher crossing I have ever encountered was in the highlands of Peru,” the Olathe resident said. “The speed limit is 35 mph, but due to the multiple bumps that they receive in crossing the two tracks, cars must slow to 5 mph or risk throwing passengers into the ceiling of their car.”

He says the asphalt before, after and between the two tracks is an inch or two higher than the track, and he asks the Dog to encourage the railway to smooth things out.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe must maintain the crossing because of train safety.

The answer

Wish granted, Paul. BNSF spokesman Andy Williams says crews are scheduled to mill down the asphalt during the week after Thanksgiving.