Attorneys trade barbs over baby Lisa’s brother

A lawyer working on a custody issue smoldering at the margins of the missing baby Lisa Irwin case fired back Wednesday at comments made by another attorney the day before.

The back and forth started Tuesday, when a lawyer representing Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, complained about a custody petition filed by attorney Dorothy L. Savory.

Savory represents Rasleen Raim, the mother of Jeremy Irwin’s 8-year-old son, who is a half-brother to Lisa, the baby reported missing from her Northland home six weeks ago. Raim is seeking temporary custody of her son to care for his “safety, comfort and peace of mind.”

Attorney Joseph Tacopina, who represents Lisa’s parents, on Tuesday described the petition against Jeremy Irwin as “unbelieveable” and accused Raim of “trying to glom on to her 15 minutes” of fame in the high-profile case.

In September 2005, a Clay County judge awarded Irwin sole custody of his son and ordered that any visitation with Raim had to be supervised and arranged through Irwin.

In a press release Wednesday, Savory wrote that Tacopina’s allegations against Raim were false.

“She knows what life is like to have her baby taken away from her,” Savory wrote. “Mrs. Raim understands how it feels to be gravely prevented from having a relationship with her son.”

Savory did not respond to messages asking whether Raim had sought visitation and was denied. Nevertheless, Raim now wants to be more involved in her son’s life, Savory wrote.

“Mrs. Raim only desires to have frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with her son,” Savory wrote. “She knows that it is in the best interest of her son to have both parents in his life, unless otherwise determined by the court.”

Raim also asked Bradley and Irwin to remove her son’s photos from “any and all websites while this investigation continues.”