Definitions for Kansas score chart

SOE: The “Standard of Excellence” award is given to buildings and grade levels with a low percentage of students in the lowest achievement category, academic warning, and a high percentage in the top category, exemplary. The percentages vary by subject and grade level.

Academic Warning: The percentage of students scoring in the lowest level of proficiency on Kansas assessment tests. Core knowledge and skills are lacking.

Approaches Standards: This category is higher than academic warning but still isn’t high enough to meet the standards. Fundamental skills and concepts are only partly mastered.

Meets Standards: The percentage of students reaching this proficient level, the goal of the No Child Left Behind Act. Mastery of core skills is apparent and students are performing at the appropriate grade level.

Exceeds Standards: This level is a step above meeting the standards. The student has a command of difficult and challenging material.

Exemplary: The percentage of students at the highest level of proficiency. A student consistently demonstrates the ability to understand and apply complex problems.

Note: Only students who have attended a school the entire year are graded to determine whether a school made “adequate yearly progress,” or AYP. The assessment scores on this Web page reflect all students taking the tests, including those who have not been in attendance the entire year. These scores are not used to determine AYP.