Bird, Sprint, CEOs — oh my! See if you can ace this pop quiz on KC’s 2018 dealings

Experience riding a Bird scooter in downtown Kansas City

Reporter Luke Harbur straps three GoPros to his body to show you how to ride the new Bird scooters in downtown Kansas City.
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Reporter Luke Harbur straps three GoPros to his body to show you how to ride the new Bird scooters in downtown Kansas City.

As the New Year arrives, how well do you remember the twists and turns the Kansas City area took in 2018? This pop quiz will let you know.

For example, Kansas City offers a “cure” for those who partied a bit too hard last night. What will Recovery Hydration Therapy and a few others in town do for those over-imbibers? Answer

The Kansas City Chiefs’ hometown fans will be hoisting a few as they watch the playoffs, but they won’t be chowing down on a hot and ready meal. Which national fast food franchise disappeared from the market completely in 2018? Answer

We also saw some local institutions close (Bob Jones Shoes, Fritz’s Chili) or move from longtime locations (Shop Beautiful, Plaza III The Steakhouse). What would prove they had the same kind of moxie that Golden Ox showed in 2018? Answer

After 58 years in business, Bob Jones Shoes at 1914 Grand Boulevard is planning to close after a final sale starting on Sept. 4.

A Chiefs’ trip to the Super Bowl would be the first since 1970. Kansas City’s downtown hasn’t waited that long but speculative plans to open Strata at 13th and Main could end a streak that began in 1991. What is Strata? Answer

We know you know what Bird and Lime are. But which one flew south for the winter? Answer

The Power & Light District is getting a new restaurant where the Cleaver & Cork had been. Who’s the guy opening this spot specializing in tacos? Answer

Speaking of Downtown, Kansas City-based DST Systems reshaped downtown with its decades-long redevelopment spree. What did DST do — two months after being sold — that had an impact on KC’s downtown? Answer

A nursing home in Derby, Kan., became the 20th in the state to achieve this feat in 2018. What happened at these 20 nursing homes? Answer

Last summer we kept seven of them busy but, as this year’s season ended, four iconic area entertainment venues closed for good. What was this big news on I-70 last September? Answer

Forget Sprint’s $7.2 billion profit, its deal to merge with T-Mobile and its new CEO. How is its Nextel brand following in the footsteps of Tender Vittles, Tidy Wipes, Hai Karate and Drixoral? Answer

The Kansas City area’s biggest private employer tapped a health care industry executive as its new CEO, the first outsider at the helm. Which company calls Brent Shafer boss? Answer

The Kansas Legislature took action on one controversial medical front by legalizing what in an April vote? Answer