This Kansas kid is getting lots of attention — because he knows how to fall down

Don’t go falling for this kid’s trick.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think that 11-year-old Jalen Jenkins is quite clumsy.

But in reality, this Kansas fifth grader is just really good at intentionally tripping — and falling — as he runs from school every day.

Jalen’s dad, Chad, posted a video to Twitter last week that compiled a series of falls outside of the elementary school in Olathe.

The video was captioned, “Daily school pickup with Jalen...

In about four days, Jalen’s falls had been seen more than 2.3 million times.

The first fall featured in the video is the very first fall Chad Jenkins ever recorded, he told The Wichita Eagle in a Facebook message. He knew to have his phone up because his wife who usually picks up their children gave him a heads up: “Jalen had been doing his pratfalls every time he came to the car.”

A pratfall is a “humiliating mishap or blunder” — and yes, the pratfalls in the video really are intentional, Chad Jenkins told The Eagle.

So, the Olathe dad got his phone camera ready, and sure enough, Jalen “tripped” just as he got to the car.

Then the falls continued.

“After I got several of him falling forward, I told him to mix it up a little...he slipped backwards in the new snow, started using the signs, etc...,” Chad Jenkins wrote.

All those falls can be seen in the 30-second long video.

But don’t worry, Jalen is “the opposite of clumsy,” his dad said, and he hasn’t gotten injured in any of his falls.

Chad Jenkins said he’s not exactly sure why his son started pretending to fall, but Jalen may have got it from his father.

“I used to do pratfalls when walking into movies in high school and spill my popcorn, etc..,” he said, “and I told him about that and he likes those stories...but mine weren’t nearly as realistic as his.”