Snow on Easter? Forecasters say it's no April Fools' prank.

According to the National Weather Service, snow will be arriving in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon.
According to the National Weather Service, snow will be arriving in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon. National Weather Service Kansas City

Mother Nature may be taking this April Fools’ thing way too far.

By late Sunday afternoon, the metro area could be blanketed in snow. So it might be wise to get your Easter egg hunts wrapped up in the morning. And dress your kids in layers.

“You might start seeing some snow around 1 o’clock, with the main snow happening between 1 and 5,” said Jimmy Barham, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Kansas City. “Right now, we’re going for somewhere around 1 inch in the metro area, maybe one-and-a-half.”

But just beyond the metro, he said, those amounts could significantly increase.

“North of Highway 36 and north of I-70, we’re looking for 3 to 4 inches,” Barham said. “And just north of the airport, we’re looking for 2-plus inches.”

Barham said snow on April 1 is “not completely unheard of but fairly rare.”

The area gets an average six-tenths of an inch of snow in April, he said.

Sunday’s snow will slide down from southern Nebraska into northern Missouri, with Kansas City on the southern edge of the storm, Barham said. The cause is a cold front moving through the region on Saturday, he said, combined with an upper-level disturbance that will push through quickly on Sunday.

“From 2 or 3 in the afternoon will probably be when the heaviest snow moves through,” he said. “Visibilities probably will drop to a half-mile to a mile as that pushes through, so that’s probably not the best time to travel.”

Temperatures won’t be too comfortable, either, he said. After reaching the low 60s on Saturday, they’ll start dropping after midnight.

“The temperatures Sunday morning as people are getting around for church will probably be 28 to 30 degrees, but there will be wind chills down around 19 to 20 degrees,” Barham said. “So as long as the kids are bundled up, the Easter egg hunts will probably be all right.”

The highs on Sunday will only reach 33 or 34 degrees, he said, with temperatures Monday morning expected to plunge into the mid-20s. The snow probably won’t melt until Monday afternoon, Barham said, when highs are expected to reach the mid-40s.

After that? Mother Nature apparently didn’t get the notice that it’s spring. Highs in the mid- to upper-40s are predicted for Tuesday, then mid-40s Wednesday and mid-50s Thursday.

“And then the whole pattern starts over again,” Barham said. “We’re going to be pretty cold next weekend. And we could even get some snow again.”