These photos of Missouri police officers posing as sorority sisters are melting hearts

Two Missouri officers have taken Twitter by storm with a single tweet.

Officer Kevin Hawkins and Police Chief Clarence Green with the Northwest Missouri State Police Department pretended to be sorority sisters who’d been paired up in the common Greek life practice of “big/lil” coupling, in which an older sorority sister takes a new sorority member under her wing to give her guidance and gifts.

“UPD just got their matches,” the department’s account tweeted on Thursday.

A few weeks back, Green had attended a sorority’s matching day.

“In his years on campus, he’s well versed in the process and excitement these girls go through when they match,” said Officer Kristina Martinez by phone Friday, adding Green has three daughters of his own. “For a man, he’s well versed in the process.”

The tweet, which has garnered 230,000 likes, is accompanied with photos of Green and Hawkins playfully exulting in their new ‘big/lil’ status.

In one photo, they lay head-to-head in the grass. In another, they make a heart with their hands.

Martinez said the tweet has caught the attention of many students on the university’s campus.

“I like sharing with students,” Martinez said. “They say, ‘Oh my god, that’s so funny.’ To see their reaction makes this gloomy looking day a little brighter.”

Here are some of the thousands of reactions to the tweet:

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