Event planners apologize to former KC Chief Perez for New Year’s Eve fiasco

A lawsuit stemming from a New Year’s Eve party gone bad was settled by a letter of abject apology to former Kansas City Chiefs player Joe Perez.

The owners of a now defunct event-planning company called KC Connections acknowledge that they were responsible for the logistics of the Hangar 9 New Year’s Eve party in 2014 to benefit the Airline History Museum here.

The event ran out of food and drink and some people who checked their coats did not get them back.

But Perez, whose name was used to market the event, was left to take the heat.

“Joe was not involved with the event infrastructure, set up for the evening, or the problems of the night, until the next day when the media and all attendees looked to him for answers,” read a notarized statement signed last month by Michelle Sedighi and Sundee Pickering. “The reason for this is that Joe was not allowed at the event. Regretfully, we did not properly communicate to Joe any solutions or answers to the questions he had.

“We directed all attention and media inquiries to Joe,” the statement continued. “We wished to remain anonymous and asked Joe to make a public statement. Out of concern for the patrons’ experience, Joe agreed to step up and make the statement to fix a bad situation.”

Perez sued KC Connections. The suit was settled last month after Sedighi and Pickering submitted their letter.

“My goal in pursuing legal action was to bring the truth to light and provide answers to those affected by the unfortunate events of that evening,” Perez said in a statement of his own.

Perez did not receive any money from the New Year’s Eve event or from the lawsuit settlement.

In their statement, Sedighi and Pickering acknowledged that Perez’s “business ventures, personal life and reputation were attacked publicly.”

“Our actions during the months following the event left an unfair and permanent scar on Joe,” the statement continued. “We apologize and would like to clear the air with an overdue statement to Joe and to all that attended the event. We are sincerely sorry.”

A woman who answered the phone number for KC Connections on Wednesday said the company went out of business right after the Hangar 9 New Year’s Eve event.

Matt Campbell: 816-234-4902, @MattCampbellKC