In barbecue (of course) and biking (really?), KC is tops, magazine declares

Full slab of ribs available at Joe's KC Barbecue, 3002 W. 47th Ave., in Kansas City, Kan.
Full slab of ribs available at Joe's KC Barbecue, 3002 W. 47th Ave., in Kansas City, Kan. The Kansas City Star

Hop on that Raleigh and pedal on over to a rib joint. A magazine for outdoor adventurers says you’re in the perfect place for that.

Kansas City has been named best in the nation for what Outside magazine calls the “Best Mix of Barbeque and Biking.”

OK. We don’t always combine the two, but we’ll accept.

“Don’t laugh: Kansas City might be the most livable city in the country,” the magazine’s July edition proclaims in its look at the “25 Most Fit, Fun and Adventure Ready Towns.”

Why one would bust out laughing, not sure. But the magazine did cite “more than three decades of coverage, complemented by a special advisory council,” in making its picks.

“For the past five years, our readers have chosen our list of the best adventure towns,” said associate editor Jonah Ogles. “For the first time, we assembled a council of experts to help us pick the greatest places in America. Thrill-seekers will never have to look too far in these spots.”

Other places honored:

▪ Best combination of mountains and margaritas: Santa Fe, N.M.

▪ Best blend of sunshine, food and beaches: San Luis Obispo, Calif.

▪ Best river town: Grand Rapids, Mich.

▪ Best place to ride singletrack past world-class art: Bentonville, Ark.

Bentonville also was the nearest community to Kansas City included in the list of 25.

While Kansas City’s network of dedicated bike paths has expanded since 2000, an audit in December criticized the city’s Bike KC master plan as only “lines on a map” far from reaching its 2020 goal of seamlessly connecting riders to popular destinations.

The magazine article noted that Kansas City has a “newly revamped downtown, a low cost of living, and emerging food and art scenes.”

Outside didn’t elaborate on our trails or parks, but The Star recently highlighted some under the radar spots. We’ll leave the barbecue stops up to you.

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