Watch man nearly fall through broken windshield in fight on RideKC bus

A fight on a RideKC bus Saturday resulted in a man being pushed into and almost falling out of a broken windshield.

The incident happened shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday while the bus was moving just east of the Paseo at 31st Street and Wayne Avenue.

Silent video from two cameras on the bus captured the altercation between two male riders. One video, from the rear of the bus, shows one of the men appear to suddenly lunge toward the other. A female passenger quickly ushers two small children out of the way.

The other video, from the front of the bus, shows the two scuffling men advancing up the aisle. One man appears to be shoved into the bus’s windshield, breaking it and pushing it outward. The first man nearly falls out of the windshield before the bus driver opens the doors and the man exits. He briefly re-enters the bus before exiting again.

Police were called, and one of the men was taken to a hospital for treatment of a cut. Police classified the incident as an aggravated assault.

Matt Campbell: 816-234-4902, @MattCampbellKC