Morning Rush: Toni Anderson questions, West Platte coach dies, ‘American Ninja Warrior’

Toni Anderson
Toni Anderson The Wichita Eagle

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Questions about Toni Anderson’s death

At first, it seems hard to believe that Toni Anderson could have driven off a Parkville boat ramp and drowned in the river. But those who work in the world of watery graves say it happens all the time, Ian Cummings and Glenn Rice report.

Researchers studying death by drowning in vehicles filmed a car sinking into water to help demonstrate how to escape. This video uses footage from Gordon Giesbrecht; University of Manitoba. Police suspect Toni Anderson accidentally drove into the

West Platte High School coach dies

West Platte High School head football and wrestling coach Nathan A. Danneman died Wednesday evening when a tractor-trailer crossed the median of Interstate 29 and and struck three vehicles near the exit to Camden Point. By Robert A. Cronkleton.

“American Ninja Warrior” in KC

In a life filled with extraordinary feats, one in particular landed 70-year-old Richard Talavera of Prairie Village a spot in the “American Ninja Warrior” competition in Kansas City. “I can do a handstand on a skateboard,” he says calmly.

At 70, Richard Talavera will compete on “Ninja Warrior,” by Aaron Randle

“American Ninja Warrior” in KC: What you need to know, by Aaron Randle

Rich Talavera, 70, is training hard for his shot on the big stage, when "American Ninja Warrior" comes to Kansas City.

Jason Vargas: Just what the Royals need

Sam Mellinger: The Royals’ bats stink right now, and if that doesn’t improve, this season isn’t going anywhere. But the pitchers — and none more than Jason Vargas — have been good enough that the Royals are still .500, with no major ground to make up, waiting for the hitters to do their part.

Jason Vargas slays Giants, Royals beat Madison Bumgarner, by Rustin Dodd

Royals manager Ned Yost on Jason Vargas' dominant start

Last wishes: Use video

When you’re rushed to the hospital in critical condition and unconscious, doctors and family members suddenly have to make all kinds of decisions about your treatment. Andy Marso reports that experts say people should make video recordings about the treatment they want before they become patients.

Star editorial: When a sexual predator tries to teach your child

Worried parents are asking unsettling questions after a job-hopping North Kansas City middle school teacher was charged with sexually assaulting a Smithville teen. Must school districts wait for a conviction to get a read on a problem teacher?