Watch as KC’s Metro North Mall comes down piece by piece

Bit by bit excavators and workers for Industrial Salvage & Wrecking Co. pick away at what remains of Metro North Mall in Kansas City.

The mall has stood as an icon in the Northland near the intersection of NW Barry Road and U.S. 169 Highway since 1976. It attracted shoppers for nearly forty years until its operators finally closed the doors in 2014. More recently, it’s been called “the creepiest mall” by well-known photographer Seph Lawless.

Americans lost their fascination with malls some time ago meaning few have survived. Metro North lasted longer than most in the Kansas City metro area. It was preceded in death by Indian Springs, Bannister, Blue Ridge Mall and Mission Mall. Metcalf South in Overland Park closed the same year as Metro North.

In recent weeks, the site where Metro North slowly disappears has become a spot for people to pull over and reflect on memories made at the mall. Some who see the skeleton of the structure exposed by the demolition process recount store by store what was once there.

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Most will recall the hot air balloon decor that hung in the open center court and the fountains. For some, it is how they spent time there with family and friends. It won’t be long now before everything about Metro North Mall is just memories.

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