Five-year-old ‘Officer Oliver’ of Overland Park passes out flowers while patrolling hearts

It started with a simple request.

Last Christmas, Oliver Davis of Overland Park asked Santa for a police officer uniform.

To his mom, the wish seemed to come out of nowhere since there are no police officers in their family.

But Santa obliged. And Oliver loved that blue uniform so much he didn’t want to wear anything else.

He wore it every day, even to preschool.

And so, Officer Oliver was born.

Then he wanted more police gear.

When his mom saw a kiddie-sized police motorcycle on Craigslist, she bought it. In the compartment on the back, Oliver stashes his radar gun, a set of handcuffs and his sunglasses.

He has five pairs of aviators. He likes to wear them all the time.

Officer Oliver has even given his mom a few verbal “tickets” for her driving.

“I think you’re going too fast.”

“You didn’t have your blinker on when you turned.”

Oliver takes his policing seriously. He sits on his motorcycle in his yard and points his radar gun at people driving by.

When he clocks them going fast, he yells: “Slow down!”

He rode his motorcycle to an open house at the Leawood police station where he met and posed alongside real officers with their real big motorcycles. Boy, was he excited. He has met Overland Park officers, too.

He later got a letter from the Leawood officers thanking him for the cookies he gave them.

“Does that letter say I’m a real policeman?” Oliver asked his mom.

Recently he started talking about how police help people.

“I want to help people,” he told his mom.

So Oliver’s mom, Brandi Davis, came up with a plan for Oliver, in his full police regalia, to visit local nursing homes and hand out flowers to the residents. She’s been chronicling his visits on Facebook, earning him national attention.

“He said it makes him real happy to pass out the flowers,” said Davis. “I think he loves showing off his bike. He loves doing tricks for them.”

At the first place they visited, Oliver was nervous. He asked his mom if it was OK to hug people.

Afterward, Oliver told his mom that “we have to do this again.”

So far they’ve been to three local senior living places, including the assisted living home where his great-grandfather lives.

He’s not shy anymore. He was at the grocery store with his mom the other day, riding in a kiddie grocery cart that looked like a firetruck.

Of course, he was wearing his police blues.

Of course, there had to be firemen there who noted the irony and walked up to talk to him.

Of course, Oliver had to tell them that policemen are cooler than firemen.

This year, all he wants for Christmas is one of those little radios officers wear on their shoulders.

He has to have one, he insisted to his mom, “because I need to know what my jobs are.”

Santa might have to bring him a new uniform, too.

He’s worn out three so far.