Here are 10 of America’s hardest-to-fill jobs

A new “skills gap” report from the American Staffing Association says seven out of the 10 hardest-to-fill jobs in the nation are associated with hands-on health care.

The staffing association looked at the numbers of job openings, job candidates and working population in various job sectors to come up with a score for hiring difficulty.

Among the top 10 hard-to-fill occupations determined by the association’s index were occupational therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapist assistants, speech/language pathologists, physician assistants, physical therapist assistants, and postsecondary teachers and instructors of nursing.

Outside of the health care sector, the other hardest-to-fill jobs were listed as drivers for heavy and tractor-trailer trucks, merchandise displayers and window dressers, and computer applications software engineers.

Richard Wahlquist, chief executive of the staffing organization, said the skills gap index “quantifies the severity of the skills shortage in America.”

The data point out the gap between the nation’s 9 million job hunters and the job openings that are advertised by employers who are searching for workers with specific skills.

Diane Stafford,