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Missouri, Kansas rate well on 'best places to retire' list

Kansas and Missouri residents who want to stay put when they retire — or move back here — have some numbers to back them up.

In a new study based on cost of living and other practical measures, Missouri ranked No. 11 and Kansas No. 13.

Besides cost of living, for which Kansas ranked No. 4 and Missouri No. 12, the survey accounted for crime rates, tax rates, access to medical care, and average annual temperatures. (Of course, higher-than-average temperatures can include some high and low extremes.)

Between the two states, Missouri had more doctors per 100,000 population, but Kansas had more hospital beds. Both were above the national average for hospital beds but below it for doctors.

Missouri had more crimes per 100,000 population, but a lower average state and local tax burden. Both states were above the national crime average and temperature average. Missouri’s tax burden was right at the national average, Kansas’ above it.

Overall, Tennessee topped the list, followed by Louisiana, South Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi. Among surrounding states, Nebraska was No. 9, Oklahoma No. 14, Iowa tied for No. 22, Arkansas No. 28, and Colorado tied for No. 38.

Among retirement havens, Florida did well at No. 19, but Hawaii at No. 35 and California at No. 48 suffered from high costs of living and tax rates.

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