Residential building permits are booming in Kansas City

The Northland is leading Kansas City’s growth in residential building permits.
The Northland is leading Kansas City’s growth in residential building permits.

Development plans in Kansas City north of the Missouri River are fueling a boom in residential building permits that could make 2016 rival 2006, the last peak year for the city’s housing growth.

According to new data from the city’s Planning and Development Department, single-family and multi-family building permits issued in January through September this year have exceeded the pace set in 2015.

The 2016 authorization through September totaled 2,454 compared to 2,251 over the same nine months in 2015. If the same fourth-quarter spurt occurs as in the last three years, 2016 could become another peak year.

A chart of residential permitting in the city shows a precipitous drop in new units from 2006 to 2011, the pit of the Great Recession and its accompanying housing crisis. Slow growth began in 2012 and 2013, with steadier jumps since 2014.

About seven times as many permits issued so far in 2016 have been for Kansas City in Platte and Clay counties than for Jackson and Cass counties — 2,915 vs. 426.

Across the metro area, multifamily construction units far outpace single-family units. From January through September, 1,802 of the 2,915 permits have been for multifamily units and 652 for single-family dwellings.

For the politically minded, the housing growth trend expands the voting base in the city’s 1st and 2nd City Council districts in the Northland.

The new permits also indicate the strongest potential for student growth rates in the North Kansas City, Liberty, Park Hill and Platte County schools districts.

According to the city’s official plan areas, residential growth leads in the Shoal Creek Valley, Gashland/Nashua, and Kansas City International plan areas.

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