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Stock picks worth framing

The company is not an investment firm, nor does it offer stock-picking advice. Just as its name implies, GiveAshare specializes in one-share ownership in about 110 companies. You don’t need deep pockets for this amount of investment exposure, either. And the kicker — you can order a framed stock certificate.

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What financial aid award letters tell you

More college admittance letters are going out to high school seniors, meaning that financial-aid awards letters are not far behind. The awards letters detail how much the school will cost to attend, and what kind of financial assistance you’ll receive for the coming school year, including grants, scholarships, federal loans and work study benefits.

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Why college is not one big ‘scam’

An online post from someone who claimed to be a student at Kansas State University articulated in a Facebook post what a lot of students and parents feel about the high cost of a college education and whether the end justifies the means.

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College education loans hurting parents, grandparents

The number of seniors generally age 60 and older with student loan debt has quadrupled over the last decade to 6.4 percent, and the average amount they owed has also increased to $23,500 in 2015 from $12,100 in 2005, according to a new report from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Handling gift returns is good for children

While it might be easy and make perfect sense to say you’ll take care of toy problems, there is another approach. Encourage your child to do the same thing you would do — namely to stand in line at the return counter at the store, box up the defective product and ship it back to the retailer, or even call the toll-free 800 customer service number.

How the Fed rate hike affects student loans

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. Borrowing costs will steadily rise for consumers and businesses. But how will your student loan repayments be impacted during this change? The answer depends on what type of student loans you have.