Flavors of Brazil come to the City Market

Ronald Harvey could hardly stop recommending items to try at the new Taste of Brazil Market this week.

He made the trip from midtown with his 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, and left with what he called the best coffee on the planet, some of his favorite lunch items and a colorful pair of children’s flip-flops.

“I want to support the culture,” Harvey said.

Owners Marco Rabello and Cristian Maciel, natives of Brazil, are selling a variety of Brazilian products — beverages, chocolates, coffees, candies, clothing, jewelry, candles and art — in the retail space that surrounds four tables in the dining area.

Customers place their food orders at a counter by the open kitchen. Menu items include fresh green coconut water, Brazilian cheese bread pastries, acai berry bowls and other acai products, and sandwiches such as sirloin, chicken and pork.

This week the partners were working on a customer request for a veggie sandwich and building one that could include mozzarella, kale, tomato and asparagus.

They’re also keeping a list of customer requests by the counter, some more easily filled than others, that included alcohol and salsa dancing.

The shop, at 25 E. Third St., also has outdoor seating.

The partners plan to add catering services in October. They will also add a special event once a month at which they will sell feijoada — a Brazilian black been stew — and serve it with papaya and oranges.

Anniversary milk

Shatto Milk Co. is celebrating its 10th anniversary with new limited-edition flavors.

Its latest flavor, blueberry milk, is hitting store shelves this week in its own unique half-liter bottle carrying the word “Chillin’.”

Barbara Shatto, owner and co-founder of the family-owned business based in Osborn, Mo., said Shatto wanted a Labor Day theme that was mellow and a bit fun in “recognition of the economic and social contribution of all workers.”

Just 4,000 of the Chillin’ bottles were created. Once they are gone, the blueberry milk will be offered in the traditional pint bottles until mid-September.

This year’s other limited-edition flavors were chocolate cherry milk with “Smooch” on the bottle, released before Valentine’s Day; mint chocolate milk with the word “Lucky” on the bottle, released before St. Patrick’s Day; cookies and cream milk with the word “Thanks” on the bottle, released in late May; and apple pie milk with the word “Indie,” released before July Fourth.

Only five anniversary flavors were planned. However, customer response has been so great the company is planning two more limited-edition flavors this year, one released before its birthday party on Oct. 10 and the other before the end of the year.

Quick bites

• Dickey’s Barbecue Pit was scheduled to open Thursday in SummitWoods Crossing, 1736 N.W. Chipman Road in Lee’s Summit.

• The Waldo Taco Bell, at 8215 Wornall Road, is being remodeled. The dining room has temporarily closed and the drive-through is scheduled to close after business Tuesday. The remodeled restaurant is scheduled to reopen in four to five weeks.