Area food establishments cited for health-code violations

Here are Kansas City area food establishments with many critical health code violations, which could lead to foodborne illnesses. Most violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for health code violations.

• Fazoli’s, 6345 Quivira Road, Shawnee, had 11 priority violations on a June 25 routine inspection, including Italian sausage, ham, turkey, pizza dough with marinara sauce, cooked pasta and other foods held at improper temperatures.

A company spokesman issued this statement: “All of the health department’s concerns have been fully addressed. In addition, Fazoli’s quality assurance director is working with the manager to make sure the restaurant continues to comply with all health and safety regulations.”

• Tapatio Mexican Grill, 151 S. 18th St., Suite A, Kansas City, Kan., had 21 priority violations on a July 11 routine inspection, including more than 100 live roaches in the cooking area behind a reach-in cooler and freezer, gnats flying around an open drain, and a few mouse droppings on top of the bean storage containers in the food prep area (a pest control company arrived during the inspection). The restaurant was temporarily closed until the violations could be corrected and the restaurant could be reinspected.

The owner disagreed with the inspector’s report and said no mouse droppings were found in his restaurant.

Tapatio had seven priority violations on a July 12 follow-up inspection, including five live roaches “moving so fast under the reach-in cooler” that the inspector couldn’t take a photo of them for documentation purposes. An employee then smashed the roaches with his foot, according to the report.

The restaurant had no priority violations on a July 15 re-opening inspection and was allowed to reopen.

The owner said the violations have been corrected.

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The Environmental Health Division of the Jackson County Public Works Department cited these operations for several critical violations.

• Legend of Asia, 1853 S.W. Missouri 7, Blue Springs, had six critical violations on a June 27 inspection, including eggs in a cooler and some foods on the buffet held at improper temperatures.

“One of our new employees accidentally switched off the hot water heater on the buffet,” said Grady Xiao, manager.

• Stix and Stones Bar Grill, 11404 E. U.S. 24, Sugar Creek, had three critical violations on a June 17 inspection, including cheese dip dated June 6 in the cooler.

A manager said the violations had been corrected.

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The Platte County Health Department cited these operations for critical health code violations:

• HeiWa Restaurant, 1302 Platte Falls Road, Suite A, Platte City, had 12 critical violations on a June 20 inspection, including eggs, beef, chicken and shrimp held at improper temperatures.

The owner did not return phone calls.

• The National Golf Club of Kansas City’s clubhouse, 6700 N. National Drive, Parkville, had seven critical violations on a June 20 inspection, including raw meats stored above ready-to-eat food in a walk-in cooler.

“Every violation was corrected on-site during the inspection,” said Jeff Wiltfang, director of food and beverage for the club.

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