Verizon and Time Warner are now selling each other’s services in Kansas City

Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless started selling each other’s services in the Kansas City area on Thursday.

The two companies aren’t bundling their services. Rather, in Kansas City and three other markets, the companies began cross-selling services at their respective stores.

For instance, people could sign up for Time Warner packages of television, landline phone and Internet service at some Verizon stores. And though Time Warner stores aren’t yet selling for the wireless carrier, some cable stores could eventually arrange Verizon cellphone contracts. Neither will stock the other’s inventory, such as a cable boxes or cellphones.

Although the services of the two companies aren’t priced together, they are offering people who buy services from both businesses rebates of $200.

“It’s one store to buy both things,” said Paul Macchio, a Verizon spokesman. “The customer pays two bills.”

The two companies will only do sales for each other, not customer service. Customers who already have both services are not eligible for the $200 debit cards. Only those who add contracts with one or both can get the rebates.

People can get the rebates by going to either Time Warner or Verizon websites, or at 10 Verizon stores across the market.

Time Warner has not yet announced stores where it will sell Verizon service.