Clearwire data traffic rose 700-plus percent in 2011

Clearwire, the Sprint Nextel partner in wireless broadband, says usage of mobile data over its network increased seven-fold in 2011.



that Clearwire chief financial officer Hope Cochran said at a recent conference that said some of the increase came from adding more customers, but that much of the difference comes simply in an increased appetite for mobile data.

“Customers are finding more applications and downloading more videos,” the website quoted her as saying.

Cochran’s statements came at the Goldman Sachs TMT Leveraged Finance Conference, where she said the company now has 16,000 WiMAX cell sites deployed. About half of those carry 80 to 90 percent of the company’s data traffic. Clearwire, in concert with Sprint’s strategy to shift to new broadband wireless technology, plans to outfit those same sites with LTE, or long term evolution technology, antennas.