T-Mobile is closing Lenexa call center, taking away 400 jobs

T-Mobile USA’s call center in Lenexa will be one of seven nationwide to close this summer, taking away 400 jobs.

The nation’s fourth-largest mobile phone carrier, based in Bellevue, Wash., announced Thursday that it is consolidating 24 call centers across the country into 17.

The Lenexa facility was opened in 2004 as a place to field customer service calls.

T-Mobile said workers there have the option of transferring to the carrier’s surviving call centers. The two closest remaining facilities will be in Wichita and Springfield. Call center jobs often are not attractive enough to lure people to move to a new city.

But a company spokeswoman said, “We hope as many employees as possible pursue transfers.”

The wireless company said employees who stay until the Lenexa center’s closing in June will be eligible for severance packages and help in looking for new jobs. T-Mobile would not reveal average wages at the center other than to say that “these are jobs with good pay and good benefits.” It also declined to reveal the terms of the severance packages.

“These are not easy steps to take, but they are necessary to realize efficiency in order to invest for growth,” Philipp Humm, CEO and president of T-Mobile, said in a news release.

The company said the action will eliminate 1,900 jobs nationally. In contrast, before its acquisition of T-Mobile fell apart last year, AT&T said it would bring 5,000 previously offshore call center jobs back to the United States.