Sophisticated elegance

Is this a room in which you would drink red wine? Only if you are super-confident. In fact, to live in this room at all, regardless of whether you are drinking red wine or water, you have to be a super-confident person.

I say that because there is not a richly colored chunky chenille, wild floral print, lion-footed leg or barley-twisted column to be found. There is nothing for you to hide in. This room is all about seeing with great clarity everything and everyone in it.

High glamour can be stark, simple and clean, but it is always elegant. It is about the quality of materials and the flow of lines. It is about the juxtaposition of curves and angles, shimmer and matte, hard and soft. Does this remind you of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire?

The walls are covered in a gray grasscloth-type wallpaper made of silk and abaca with a little metallic shine thrown over it. The drapery takes it up a notch in glamour: the thickest and slickest ball gown silk satin in ivory, no trims, bells or whistles needed. I used silvered rods because they show the fabric to its best advantage.

After establishing the walls and drapes, I added a custom-designed carpet that is gray with life-size cream tree branches running through it sparsely, so it doesn’t detract from the lines of every other object atop it. The tree branches are made of viscose, so they radiate luminosity against the matte gray wool background.

On this palette, creamy velvet upholsters the Klismos chair by Donghia in the foreground. This style of chair looks modern to most of us, but its design is actually ancient Greek. A vanilla ribbed ottoman weave upholsters the graceful Donghia sofa.

An undulating mirror glass coffee table is a dramatic punch as it floats over the space. What I love about the table is that the glass itself is made to bend and curve along the sides like liquid. Chateau d’Yquem, anyone?

To punctuate this gray and cream world, I added in bold colors such as black, white and red.

Artist Martha Sturdy created a resin-coated piece of steel, in thick white swathes over black. Some black fabric with beautiful white and red embroidery plops down on the sofa like a happy dinner guest. A silvered bench with red and charcoal geometrics creeps in to join the party. Lastly, a dark wood console with a white marble top anchors the group, keeping all at the party well-behaved.

If Ginger and Fred were sitting on the sofa, I think they would be having at least one martini, and very confidently, too.