Kansas City ranked third in 'America's Favorite Places' survey

/The Kansas City Star

No city tops Kansas City when it comes to barbecue, flea markets, Christmas lights, affordability, and yes, even courteous drivers.

Kansas City got lots of love and style points in this year’s “America’s Favorite Places” survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine, which ranked 38 cities on their travel and tourism attributes in more than 60 categories.

Kansas City’s top assets helped propel the city to No. 3 overall, behind Providence, R.I. and Houston, but ahead of Minneapolis/St. Paul and Los Angeles.

The rankings were based on more than 50,000 responses gathered online this summer in June and July. Respondents rated their choice of destinations, using a scale of one to five, with five being the highest score. The surveyed cities were selected by editors of the magazine, based on reader feedback and tourism statistics.

The broad categories covered by the survey were culture, shopping, quality of life, people, nightlife, food and drink, and type of trip. For example, Kansas City ranked fourth for dive bars (New Orleans was No. 1), and fifth on the geek register (Providence topped that category).

Other Kansas City rankings, by category:

▪ No. 2 for passionate sports fans, behind Pittsburgh.

▪ No. 2 for craft beers, behind Portland, Ore.

▪ No. 2 for peace and quiet, behind the Twin Cities.

▪ No. 4, for art scene, behind New York City, Providence and the Twin Cities.

▪ No. 4 for antique stores, behind New Orleans, Charleston, S.C., and Houston.

And for what it’s worth, Kansas City did not rank among the top five most intelligent cities. But it also failed to make the cut for rudest, quirkiest, snobbiest places to visit.

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