’13, we’ve seen, was sometimes keen (and sometimes not)

Each century has thirteenth year — a number often cursed;

But did it prove unlucky? Naw, it could’ve been far worse.

So ere the New Year’s baby with the “14” sash cavorts

Recall our busy year in town — why, weather! Critters! Sports!

A winter we’ll remember long as February’s craze,

’Cause double blizzards walloped us — two feet within five days

In many spots (though some had more) — yes, way too much it snowed;

And Kansas City shoveled deep, for we’d been Buffalo’d!

In fact, that pesky winter just refused at last to go,

For on the second day of May, we also got some snow.

’Twas century or more since such a thing had ever been;

We trust a century will pass before it does again.

The Royals started average — we weren’t expecting much;

Yet when the All-Star Game was past, they found the winning touch.

Each night a different hero seemed the spark to win the game;

We didn’t make the playoffs, true, but mighty close we came.

We’re awful fond of nicknames for our guys in Royal blue,

With Moose and Hos and Salvy, yes, and several others, too.

(And woe to any runner who will dare to put to test

The arm of Alex Gordon when the ball is hit to left!)

And Maxwell capped the homestand with a swing that spilled some beers —

A mighty slam to end a game they’ll talk about for years.

The happy days at Arrowhead returned when autumn came;

Comparing it to recent years, it hardly was the same.

The first nine games we played, we won! The victories abound;

They took advice from Mitch and Len to “put the hammer down.”

And everywhere around our town, we’re wearing reddish hue;

Amazing what a change in coach and quarterback can do.

And given cause for cheer, the fans collectively behooved it:

The loudest fans in all the land — the folks at Guinness proved it.

Eleven wins already, but we’re thinking so much greater —

To play in January snow...

and maybe even later!

And don’t forget that other sport that caught the city’s eye:

The soccer club that celebrates by hoisting trophy high.

The noisy Cauldron overflows in spirit burning brightly;

Their din is heard as far away as Utah, more than likely.

For fans, the scarves of blue were worn for warmth and as a theme,

’Cause on the season’s coldest day, we proved the hottest team.

Our cemetery deer was mourned as Ella now departs;

’Tis nice to know that one so meek could touch so many hearts.

But happily, our town was charmed by penguins now installed;

Tuxedoed little waddle-birds, the public they enthralled.

A little perky pup endured a month of hardship shown

While locked inside an SUV in tow lot all alone.

But sporting automotive name, this Kia, so they say,

Became the darling of the town and starred on Rachael Ray.

Our intersections gave us fits — some spots where red lights glared

Became a four-way stop with signs, but neighbors rightly stared.

So some of them reverted back to lights. But bigger woe:

Those cameras on red-light posts: They’re legal — yes or no?

There’s talk about the airport, and what changes we should choose;

At least just by discussing this, we needn’t doff our shoes.

And downtown’s undergoing now a bit of deja vu:

Where streetcar tracks are being laid — a transit dream come true.

Just ask a senior citizen what streetcar rides are like;

As motorists, we’ll have to dodge those streetcars (Mercy! Yikes!)

December days are growing thin, there’s but a paltry few

Before another number and another year ensue.

Let grudges, strife and rancor fade and in the past recede —

We bet the newborn coming year will all your dreams exceed!