Crennel tells Chiefs Sunday’s performance is ‘what a team is about’

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel, surrounded by his players and chairman Clark Hunt, gave the following speech in the locker room after the game. The speech was broadcast on Fox.

"You overcame a lot, you stuck together as a team like we talked about helped each other family and friends, you relied on those people or you relied on your faith to help get you through this.

“And we got through it in a grand way because everyone made a contribution, everybody helped. And that's what a team is about.”

Here were Crennel's opening remarks to reporters during his news conference:

“I want to start with yesterday’s tragedy and remind everybody that it involved two families. Our prayers go out to the family of Kasandra Perkins. They are grieving and we send our condolences to that family. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of Jovan Belcher; they are also grieving. Our prayers and hopes go out to three-month old, Zoey, a little girl who will never get to know her mother and father.

“As far as playing the game, I felt that was the best thing for us to do because that’s what we do — we are football players, we are football coaches and we play and coach on Sunday. That’s why I wanted to play the game. After talking with the captains, they also felt like it was best that we played, if for no other reason, it takes our mind off our misery for a few hours. That’s what it did.

“I think that, respectfully, to you guys and ladies, I’m choosing not to answer any questions about what I saw yesterday. I think you will understand that and, hopefully, you will respect my wishes on that because it wasn’t a pretty sight, so I’m choosing not to talk about it. ”

On whether he was concerned about his own focus:

“No, I really wasn’t. I’m not trying to blow my own horn or anything, but I am pretty even-keeled. So, I felt that I would be able to handle it. I knew I had to be strong for the players in that locker room, and they needed to see a strong individual lead them.”

On if there was anything, looking back on Jovan Belcher’s time in Kansas City, that gave him a hint that something might be going on:

“No. Jovan was a good teammate, a hard worker, sat in the front of the room all the time, so you don’t expect anything like what happened.”

On plans for helping the players heal:

“I think what I’ve said is the basic plan for us: to rely on each other, to rely on our family and friends, and to rely on our faith because that’s what will get us through. We know there are going to be funerals we’re going to have to deal with and those kinds of things, so it’s not over yet. It might not be over for a long time for some of the guys.”

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